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HEPA Filter Introduction and Basic Applications

- Aug 11, 2017 -


Introduction: There are many types of filters, but for the sake of brevity, this article pertains only to air filters, namely HEPA filters used in cleanrooms. The article provides basic knowledge about the principles of HEPA filter technology, as well as the industrial applications of HEPA filters. 

HEPA Filter Definition, Applications & Installation

HEPA filters are used to filter dust and bacteria from the air in a given environment. HEPA filters are commonly seen in cleanrooms, operating studios, laboratories, and air showers. HEPA filters are part of a total air filtration system, and serve the purpose of filtering air coming into the clean environment. They work together with initial and intermediate filters in an air purification system. HEPA filters and sub-HEPA filters come in several different models (initial, intermediate, sub-HEPA, and HEPA), each of which has its own unique role in the air filtration system. 

HEPA filters are available in the following styles:



Bag style

Box style

Installing air filters is the key step in setting up your cleanroom. When installing air filters, first make sure your air conditioning system is clean. Next, thoroughly sanitize and vacuum your cleanroom. Only use a vacuum equipped with a super clean filter bag. Clean and dust the ceiling area if installing the filters in the ceiling. Then, run the air conditioning system for 12 hours after it has been sanitized before finally installing the filters.


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